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Dell Latitude D610 + spare for parts


Heavilly stickered, this laptop features a 32bit Pentium M and 1.25 GB of DDR2 memory. A piece of Skullspace history, this laptop cracked an important password!

Mark Jenkins on stage with the D610 at the Long Con 2018
Mark at the LongCon with the D610 in 2017

This isn't a computer you'd want to use for day to day computing today. It's a portable collectable representing the end of the 32bit era. Perhaps its best use today is a test bed for 2.5" laptop PATA/IDE hard drives and DDR2 SO-DIMMs.

Additional details:

TTX M3000Np (Asus)


This heavilly sticked laptop works, but comes with a lot of defects. It is not suitable as a daily driver in 2023. Treat as a retro collectable or as useful for distinctive external connectors (see below) or as a DDR1 SO-DIMM test bed.

It's a “whitebox” laptop -- Canadian company TTX played no role in the design and just added parts. The real OEM is Asus.

Born free, this computer never had a Windows install and the time of sale and actually came with a discount for that choice. You won't find a license sticker anywhere on it!


The busted hinges may be repairable with some 3D printing. I recall the failed part being a plastic rectangle with holes which held metal parts of the screen hinges and case together by screws.

Toshiba Satellite 1800


For your retro interest. Not a suitable daily driver in 2023